Green Heart Smoothie gives pride of place to the GREEN THUMB'S of our community. That's our FARMERS!! We seek to connect those green thumbs with YOUR (...and OUR) GREEN HEART! A GREEN HEART is one whom sees the phenominal value our green growers provide for our community and individual wellbeing. 


The Farmer's Market is full of beautiful GREEN THUMB growers, with bursting red raspberries and vivacious succulent kale; too the market is full of GREEN HEART'S, those eager a.m. patrons devouted to the undeniably delcious bounty. Like, you we love and praise our FARMER's with satiating devoution! Our SMOOTHIES are that devoution in action- utilizing the best RAW, ORGANIC, LOCAL, FRUITS AND GREENS and blending them to a scrumptious soul satiating smoothie! Cheers! 


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